Raphaël Vongsuravatana

Born on April the 13th 1970 in Bordeaux, he’s husband and father of three children.

He studies with the Jesuit fathers at the Saint Joseph de Tivoli school in Bordeaux, then preparatory classes at the Henri IV college in Paris. After studying at the INALCO and at the Institut Catholique de Paris, he initiates his investigative work on maritime history as a researcher and professor at the university of Bordeaux III. He specializes on history of missions and anthropology.

He is C.E.O. of Vignobles Réunies S.A. since 1996.

Publications :
Un jésuite à la Cour de Siam, Paris, France-Empire, 1992 ( (Auguste Pavie prize of the Académie des Sciences d’Outre-Mer, crowned by the Académie de Marine).

Various articles in the Revue de l’Institut Catholique de Paris, The Journal of the Siam Society, etc.