chateau saint lo vin saint emilion grand cru

The Château Saint Lô is a family owned estate which cellars were installed on a sixteenth century farm, during the Renaissance and the religious wars. Its vineyard was planted from the mid-nineteenth century by Jean-Baptiste de Rémilly, a gentleman from the Manche. The present chateau, an elegant Bordelaise of Fontenac stones, was built by his grand son in the late nineteenth century, on a remarkable green park. Nowadays, the estate is eighteen hectares (two and a half acres) wide spread along the five historical towns with the right to use the Saint Émilion appellation since the instauration of a decree by King Edward I in the thirteenth century. This diversity of terroirs is the reason for the richness and the complexity of the Château Saint Lô wines. The estate’s soil is rich and mainly chalky-clay composed. The Merlot, defining grape of the Saint Émilion wines, represents 85% of the vineyard. The remaining 15% are Cabernet Franc.

saint emilion chateau saint lo vin Here the earth is reasonably cultivated. The yields are strictly controlled by short periods, and the refusal of using chemical fertilizers. The grapes are harvested manually and are submitted to a strict sorting before fermentation.

Even though they were originally installed onto sixteenth century buildings, these warehouses were entirely renovated in order to combine ancestral know-how and modern techniques. The traditional maturing process in wooden barrels, which are renewed by thirds every year, represent the respect for the tradition, allowing the Château Saint Lô wines to express themselves with power, but also with harmony and finesse.

The wine is bottled at the chateau, which has its own bottling facilities. Once again, this is a guaranty of quality, the bottling being made by small lots and at the best time, with a very light filtering.

For generations, the days and hours of the Château Saint Lô have been paced by the sole purpose of respecting the terroir’s authenticity and creating, vintage after vintage, an exceptional Grand Cru.

chateau saint lo vin saint emilion